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Diversion Programs Provide Alternatives to Incarceration


LPSO Diversion Programs help offenders change their lives through professional counseling, community service, and skills needed to provide for their families.

According to several national studies, almost two thirds of persons leaving jail will be back in less than three years. Reducing the number of repeat offenders is a major goal of the Sheriff's Office Community Corrections department.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office has a variety of diversion programs. These programs makes a significant impact in reducing the number of offenders returning to the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. They include a variety of job training, educational and personal counseling services through Day Reporting, income through Work Release, and home incarceration through the GPS Offender Tracking programs.

Our goal is providing the courts with a variety of safe alternatives to incarceration. These alternatives hold the offender accountable for his or her actions while providing them with the tools needed to make better life choices through education, life counseling, and community involvement.


Offender GPS Tracking

Adult Day Reporting

Continuing Education

Job Placement Skills

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