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 Lafayette Parish Corrections Division


The LPSO Corrections Division consists of over 400 employees working at six locations:

 Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, 916 Lafayette St. Lafayette, LA, across from the Lafayette Parish Courthouse  

 Community Corrections Campus , 100 Poydras, located in the former J. Wallace James Elementary School.

LAPCORR Inmate Industries, 310 Raggio Road, at the rear of the LPSO Public Safety Complex.

Acadiana Recovery Center,  401 W. Vermillion, in Downtown Lafayette, adjacent to the Correctional Facility.

LPSO Public Safety Complex, 1825 W. Willow, Scott, LA

Youth Services, 111 St. Antoine, Lafayette, LA 

Community Program Housing Facility, 410 W. Vermillion, in Downtown Lafayette     

Our Mission

The mission of the Lafayette Parish Corrections Division is to provide quality cost effective management of the offenders within the system, while building skill sets that will successfully re-integrate the offenders back into society. We shall complete this mission by:

  • Providing quality evidence based practices that are known to be effective
  • Starting the re-integration process as early as possible
  • Requiring all able bodied inmates to work and or participate in programming

LPCC processes approximately 12,000 arrestees each year providing the city and other local municipalities with booking, identification, and inmate housing services.

LPCC operates as a small city within Lafayette Parish. The facility houses a full service kitchen, laundry facilities, GED services, job-seeking education, counseling services, religious services, recreation, social visiting, commissary, a library, and mail distribution. LPCC also facilitates several work crews that provide services within the community.  Due to the constant operation of LPCC, staffing and maintenance are important components leading to its proper management.

Corrections Programs 

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