GPS Offender Tracking

The GPS Offender Tracking program is an alternative to incarceration. It enables the offender to serve all or part of said sentence at his or her residence as well as provide for his or her family. While participating in the program, the offender may be allowed to leave his residence to continue employment, education, and participate in treatment or life skills programs. While in the GPS Offender Tracking program, the offender is under the control of the LPSO and subject to disciplinary actions.

Offenders are monitored by an ankle bracelet equipped with a state of the art global position satellite (GPS) monitor. The ankle bracelet monitors the offender's position even when he is outside of the satellite range. Upon entrance to the program, offenders are assigned a caseworker that helps him or her develop a weekly schedule. The offender is held accountable for following the mandated schedule and other conditions of release as stipulated by the court or the program caseworker. The offender’s inability to abide by program requirements will result in his termination from the program.

The participant is responsible for paying a small fee for the use of the equipment. All offenders are required to participate in weekly drug screenings which is also covered in the program cost.

GPS Offender Tracking FAQ