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Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Transitional Work Program Receives Nati

Monday, August 24, 2015


 Congratulations to all the LPSO staff members who worked hard to secure LPSO’s newest accreditation certification. This past week at the American Corrections Association Annual Conference held in Indianapolis, IN the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Transitional Work facility was officially awarded national accreditation. The transitional work programs help soon to be released offenders by providing them the opportunity to reconnect with the community through employment in the private sector. While in the program offenders pay their own way and help provide for the support of their families.  The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is only the second Sheriff’s Office in the state to have an accredited Transitional Work Program.


Rob Reardon commented, "I am extremely proud of all the work that all the TWR staff did in getting this first time accreditation. It is proof of the dedication and professionalism of all of all the people who work for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.” 


Pictured in the center holding the accreditation certificate is Rob Reardon, LPSO Director of Corrections. Immediately to his left are Juliet Stern and to her left Van Otipoby both LPSO staff members who played a major role in securing the new accreditation. Standing to the right of Rob, is Armen Alexandrian, LPSO Transitional Work Program Manager as well as the Commission on Accreditation members. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office now holds seven major national or international accreditations. Congratulations to all.




Julio Naudin