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Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force Press Conference

Monday, December 30, 2002

After the recent death of Trineisha Dene’ Colomb, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has joined forces with the Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force in an effort to apprehend the person responsible for her death.

As was previously announced, this offender has been scientifically linked to the other three victims through DNA. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has identified certain behaviors and personality traits of this offender, which have been outlined in the profile, which will be provided to you. A synopsis of his behavior and the crime scenes is indicative of a person who needs to engage in impulsive and high-risk behavior. Because of this behavior, this person has made mistakes. These mistakes are a result of his being so focused on accessing the victim, abducting the victim and completing the attack. These mistakes would include having been seen by witnesses, possibly even recognized by someone; having his vehicle spotted and having his license plate recorded. It’s these mistakes that will result in his being identified and apprehended.

Regarding the abduction and homicide of Colomb, it is the opinion of the Behavioral Analysis Unit and the Task Force that this person was familiar with the area when the body was left. Someone close to the offender would know about his knowledge of this area.

This man is responsible for at least four homicides. A cumulative review of the crime scene behavior suggests this is someone who appears to lead a fairly “normal life.” He may have family and friends in this area and some type of employment. Family and friends are the ones who will recognize the behavior outlined in the profile and addendum to the profile.
The public is asked to review this profile and see if they recognize an individual with these traits, combined with certain erratic behavior, especially on the following dates:
Thursday, November 21 – Colomb’s vehicle was seen
parked along Robbie Drive in Grand Coteau, which is approximately mile from the Academy of the Sacred Heart.
Sunday, November 24- The day Colomb’s body was recovered near Renaud Drive near Mills Street in Scott, LA
Monday, December 23 – Evidence recovered and Colomb’s homicide was linked to the Baton Rouge Homicides.

On the above dates, this offender would likely have behaved in an erratic and angry fashion.

People are asked not to screen information regarding possible suspects, even if that includes close friends and family members. They are urged to call in information and let investigators decide if it is relevant to this case.

While a white truck is of interest to investigators, people are urged to keep an open mind with information called into the Task Force regarding suspect’s vehicle. A vehicle description has often proven to be way off the mark and we must consider that this offender may or may not own a white truck, or has moved on to a different vehicle.

We are urging the public to be aware, cautious, and let the Task Force professionals screen the leads.

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