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Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force Press Release of 3/21/03

Friday, March 21, 2003

The Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force has indicated that as a result of the extensive neighborhood canvassing completed last week in the area around Carrie Lynn Yoder’s residence, the Task Force has obtained critical new information. Investigators would like to expand the description of the person possibly responsible for the homicides of Gina Green, Murray Pace,
Pam Kinamore, Dene Colomb and Carrie Yoder. They are asking the
community to broaden their thinking about this offender and consider that this person could possibly be a dark complected white male, a man of mixed heritage or a black male. The Task Force is requesting that calls into the tip line should not be screened based solely on the offender’s race or ethnic
The composite drawing of an unidentified white male released last
December has always been described as a “person of interest” and has not yet been classified as a suspect. The Task Force has always been open to the possibility that this person may have had a valid reason for being in the area of Mills Road on or about November 21st.
The Task Force is also concerned the public may not be calling in with information unless the person owns or at one time had access to a white truck. We are asking you not to screen information based on the white truck. This investigation is dynamic and continuously evolving. As time goes on, an offender can dispose of a vehicle, alter it in some way or borrow another vehicle. The public is urged to keep a very open mind when observing behavior and determining what they should share with the Task Force. We are not eliminating prior witness statements involving white males driving white trucks, but we are simply asking the public not to limit the information they share with the Task Force based on a subject’s race, ethnic background or vehicle. The community is urged to continue calling in about men or incidents that cause them concern, and men whose behavior and
personality match that described in the FBI’s behavioral profile.


Cpl Mary Ann Godawa

Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force