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Major Catherine Fontenot
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In March 2016, Catherine Fontenot had the opportunity to return to the city in which she was raised, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Warden Fontenot was named the Major of Corrections for incoming Sheriff Mark T. Garber.  As a member of the Sheriff’s command, she is responsible for overseeing corrections operations at the downtown correctional center, the direct supervision/reentry unit, the transitional work facility, the community corrections campus, the juvenile justice services division, and the Acadiana Recovery Center. 

She served as a special assistant at the Louisiana Department of Justice, the state of Louisiana’s watchdog.  She is a corrections expert having served 22 years with the LA Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Starting at the "top and working her way down," from Corrections Cadet at a state medium security prison to Assistant Warden of Programming at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Assistant Warden Fontenot earned degrees in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Criminology as well as passed the ACA's Certified Corrections Executive exam. Ms. Fontenot served as the president of the North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents, the President of the Louisiana Correctional Association, the secretary of the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Board and is a fellow of The British American Project, a lifelong networking association which provides a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse group of outstanding professionals from every imaginable occupation.

She received the Charles E. Dunbar award in 2014 after twice being named an honorable mention recipient of the state's top civil service award for career service.

Mrs. Fontenot is the mother of three wonderfully brilliant children who she hopes will one day make their own positive contributions to peace in our communities.


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