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 “Helping people rebuild their lives through both residential and outpatient behavioral health services.” 

About Us

The Treatment Programs department provides hope and healing for individuals, families, and communities endeavoring to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction as well as mental health issues.

Acadiana Recovery Center Treatment program is operated  by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. It is a licensed and accredited residential and outpatient treatment program. Our funding comes through a state contract between the Acadiana Area Human Services District and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

We offer integrated residential/inpatient alcohol and drug dependency and mental health treatment to adult men and women. We also provide a six month halfway house (REHAB), outpatient alcohol and drug dependency treatment and aftercare.  We also provide outpatient children and adolescent alcohol and drug dependency and mental health treatment through our Milestones and Functional Family Therapy Programs.

The Center operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We serve the Acadiana Area Human Services District which covers Lafayette and seven surrounding parishes. Approximately 85-90 percent of all admissions into the residential unit are people from within this eight parish area. We are located at 401 W. Vermilion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501.

Treatment Programs

Correctional Center

Upon arriving to the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center all  offenders are screened during the booking process for signs of mental illness or the need for behavioral health services. If an offender is determined to be in need of services at that time or during later screenings, trained master’s level clinicians conduct a thorough behavioral health evaluation to determine the level of intervention or need of medical referral. Offenders may request behavioral health services at any time. Family members may also  request an assessment. A variety of treatment group options are offered in LPCC they include:

Behavior, Emotions, and Thinking (B.E.T.)  A 12-week program designed to help offenders learn new skills to regulate behavior, emotions, and thinking.

Grief and Loss counseling is designed to help offenders work through personal losses such as death, divorce, loss of children, abuse, or any other grief related issues.

Helping Offenders Parent Effectively (HOPE) program is conducted in cooperation with The Family Tree. It is a 12-week parenting program that includes bi-monthly contact visits with children ages 3-14. This program addresses parenting issues such as discipline, behavior patterns, communication skills, age-appropriate interaction, and how to spend quality time with children.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an open-ended self-help program  designed to help offenders understand negative behavior patterns and to take personal responsibility for their actions. Community volunteers facilitate weekly male and female groups.

Knowledge is the Effect (Project KITE)  is a substance abuse treatment program available to incarcerated offenders. KITE participants meet twice a week for 14 weeks utilizing the evidence-based Criminal and Addictive Thinking curriculum through The Hazeldon Foundation.  Once completed, graduates will be able to participate in an on-going relapse prevention group.


 The Acadiana Recovery Center is a residential treatment program for  adult men and women who suffer from chemical dependence. It is licensed under the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Customary referral procedure for admission is facilitated through assessments done by outpatient clinics, hospitals, and detox facilities. Approximately 85-90 percent of admissions are people from within the city of Lafayette and outlying eight parish area.

Managed care requires that basic admission criteria be met:  candidates 18 years or older (males and females); have a primary diagnosis of alcohol and/or drug addiction, as set in the DSM-5; and meet a six dimension assessment appropriate to residential (3.5) level of care treatment.

In this as in all programs Acadiana Recovery Center staff meets and exceeds the highest standards of their respective professional disciplines and offers sensitive, insightful and constructive treatment for the chemically dependent client.


The Acadiana Recovery Center Outpatient Services Program is a three month substance abuse program that meets four times a week. The program is structured, regimented, and operates on a Twelve Step Recovery Model.  Each step of the program has both specific and unique tasks geared towards the individual client’s needs.

Clients are required to attend Twelve Step Recovery meetings and  begin a recovery based lifestyle including abstinence, and working with a sponsor to build a recovery network. Clients must attend group therapy sessions, individual counseling, substance abuse education, and agree to periodic drug screening. Clients completing the program are invited to continue in the Aftercare program.

The Acadiana Recovery Center Outpatient Services Program is available to any person who has a drug or alcohol problem, requiring treatment in an outpatient setting or requiring a continuum of care upon completing Inpatient treatment.  

The program is located at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Community Corrections Campus located at 100 Poydras  Street in Lafayette.

 Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program is called Rehab. It is licensed under the Department of Health and Hospitals. It is  structured off of a five phase program evidenced based modified therapeutic community.  

In Phase I a client is transferred to the REHAB Program; where the client will undergo intensive treatment and counseling for the first thirty days. This includes job readiness training, substance abuse treatment, and behavior modification.

In Phase II the client gains employment, and continues to participate in an individual therapy plan determined by his/her situation and needs.

Phase III  begins after a minimum of ninety days during which the client must have remained employed and have met the majority of the goals in his/her individualized treatment plan.

In Phase IV if the client has met all requirements and personal objectives, the client is  assigned a discharge plan which could include continued treatment. If the client is an offender he may be eligible for transition into housing in the community through the Alternative Sentencing Program, Oxford House etc.

In Phase V  the client has met and accomplished all the program requirements of treatment and counseling outlined in his/her discharge plan.

The Rehab program staff meets and exceeds the highest standards of their respective professional disciplines and offers sensitive, insightful and constructive treatment for the chemically dependent client.

Children and Adolescents

Treatment Programs

The Milestones Program addresses substance abuse issues of adolescents between the ages of 13-17. The program works to develop strategies to living a life without drugs. The program lasts eight to sixteen weeks depending on the individual’s needs. The treatment process is a combination of both individual and group sessions. Parent and or guardian participation is required.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a short-term intervention program that targets students facing many of the same issues addressed by our other programs. FFT is unique in that the program includes members of the child’s family. Sessions are conducted at home. Program duration is 3-4 months.

Treatment Programs Mission

The mission of the Treatment Programs department is to provide assessment and intervention to the offender population as well as the general public. Offenders may be referred to diversionary programs, as appropriate. These programs are designed to target maladaptive behavior. It is the long-term goal of the staff to stabilize the individual and also assist with a healthy transition into society.

Accreditation and Licensing

A variety of our programs are accredited by CARF International, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and  licensed under the Department of Health and Hospitals, State of Louisiana.

Program Cost and Fee Policies

Cost for the residential program is based on a sliding fee scale. The scale is in proportion with income and the number of dependents. No client will be denied services from this facility due to his/ her inability to pay. We also bill patients through Medicare, Medicaid or private pay. Cost for outpatient is an initial enrollment fee of $50 and drug screening fees of $10 per week. Aftercare is also offered to graduates.

Referrals & Admission

Referral for admission into the residential program is usually obtained via another substance abuse clinic, hospital or other health care provider.  Admissions are normally taken Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday and are taken from a waiting list maintained by the admission clerk.  In some cases admissions can be completed outside of the regular hours.

Our admissions clerk should be contacted by the referring agency. After a screening has been completed and the client is determined to be appropriate and eligible, a date for admission is scheduled.  All candidates must be 18 years old or older and have a primary diagnosis of alcohol and/or other drug addiction as set forth in the DSM-5. For the referral of persons  incarcerated in LPCC contact the site supervisor at 337.236.5475

Priority admission into our programs will be given to pregnant women, women with dependent children, I.V. drug users, HIV/AIDS clients, and the homeless. We also receive referrals from our Correctional Center Intensive Outpatient Treatment program which provides services to persons incarcerated in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, LPSO Transitional Housing Program , on probation, supervised release, or parole under the US Probation Office.

Our Staff

The Acadiana Recovery Center staff works as a team to evaluate, assess, diagnose, and provide appropriate treatment services for each client. Acadiana Recovery Center staff meets and exceeds the highest standards of their respective professional disciplines, and offer sensitive, insightful, and constructive treatment for the chemically dependent client. Our professional staff consists of master’s level and Licensed and Certified Addiction Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Physician, LPN, Addiction Treatment Assistants, and a complete clerical and custodial staff.

Treatment Programs

Marie Collins, Manager

Amber Hebert  Behavioral Heath Treatment Supervisor at LPCC          

 Lacie Dunn ARC/Rehab Program Supervisor

 Guy Gideon Outpatient Program Supervisor

 Youth Services  

 Kennis  Metoyer  Manager

 Nedra Green Milestones and FFT  Program  Supervisor


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