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Badeaux, Sonnier & Stansbury Honored by Neustrom

Friday, July 18, 2003

Sheriff Mike Neustrom and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office honored three Deputies with the Deputy of the Quarter award during a ceremony Thursday afternoon. Each Deputy was nominated based on their accomplishments during the months of April, May and June 2003. Congratulations and thanks for making Lafayette Parish a safer place to live!

Administration – Lt Craig Stansbury, Public Information Officer
From the moment it was reported there was a serial killer in our area, Lt. Stansbury mobilized not only as PIO, but also as an expert in self-defense. With his “unique abilities as an instructor” and his “affable manner with the public,” he became a “symbol of service to the community” by conducting self-defense classes for over 4000 members of the community while still fulfilling his duties as PIO. By appearing on countless local television shows and giving numerous interviews during this period, he helped to “accent our agency’s commitment to our community during a time of need” and showed that he “embodies the motto of ‘serving the community with courtesy, professionalism and respect.”

Corrections – Deputy Connie Sonnier, Intake & Booking
In the words of several of her co-workers, Deputy Sonnier “goes out of her way to help each individual in Intake & Booking,” she “gets the job done fast and professionally,” she “is always polite to both the public and her coworkers,” and she “never complains or has a negative attitude.” In closing, “it is employees like her that make LPCC an enjoyable place to work.”

Enforcement – Detective Thad Badeaux, Criminal Investigative Division
Earlier this year, Detective Badeaux was assigned to investigate a homicide. A few days later, a suspect walked into the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and confessed to committing the homicide. However, Detective Badeaux still believed that there were details missing from this case and continued his investigation. Detective Badeaux’s perseverance led him to the additional missing details of the incident. He uncovered evidence placing two suspects with the victim on the night of the murder and subsequently made two arrests for 1st Degree Murder.

Photo - Left to Right - Detective Thad Badeaux, Deputy Connier Sonnier and Lt Craig Stansbury.

Donna Delahoussaye
Media Relations/Project Coordinator
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office