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Lafayette Sheriff Offers Mardi Gras Safety Tips

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sheriff Mike Neustrom and Lafayette Parish Sheriff Deputies would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Carnival Season. To ensure your family's safety during this time of celebration, we encourage you to abide by the following safety guidelines.

Lost children are one of the greatest challenges for Law Enforcement during Mardi Gras. In the huge crowds that gather to watch a parade, children can be easily distracted, and become separated from their families. In order to assist law enforcement, in the event that you and your child become separated, please pin a nametag on the inside of your child's shirt or jacket. The nametag should include the child's name, parent's name, home phone number (if someone will be home), a beeper number or cell phone number, and the area where your family is “headquartered" for the event. Please instruct your children to seek assistance from law enforcement officials if they become lost.

Citizens must stand behind barricades while watching parades. Please do not attempt to stand or sit on the barricades. Instruct children about the dangers of running near floats for beads or other “throws."

Pets and glass containers are not allowed along the parade route.

Do not park in private parking areas, including driveways, without permission from the owner. Do not park in any other way that impedes traffic. Adhere to “No Parking Signs." Remember that traffic can be heavy around parade routes. Be prepared to use alternate routes due to street closures and please be patient and considerate in traffic situations.

If you choose to drink, please be responsible - assign a designated driver.


Have a safe and enjoyable Mardi Gras!

Donna Delahoussaye
Media Relations/Project Coordinator
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office