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2,000 Suspects Wanted

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is aiming to clean up Lafayette Parish streets by executing outstanding warrants on about 2,000 suspects beginning today.
"Operation Cleanup" is the first of its kind for the Sheriff's Office and will target about 600 felony offenders and 1,200 misdemeanor offenders with outstanding warrants from across the parish.

To accomplish its goals, the Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help to bring these suspects to justice. The Sheriff's Office has a paid advertisement in today's Daily Advertiser that lists the names of those wanted.
"It's a broader attempt to get the people involved," said Sheriff Mike Neustrom. "It's a form of community policing. We're asking people to let us know if they know where they are."

The operation will begin today with a morning briefing and will continue for about three days as about 63 Sheriff's Office employees work to round up the suspects wanted on warrants.

"A lot of these people are repeat offenders ... so, I think if we get some of those higher offenders, those higher repeat offenders off the street, it will help with public safety across the parish," Neustrom said.

Some of those being sought are listed on the Sheriff's Office Most Wanted site and include offenders wanted on charges ranging from rape and armed robbery to attempted murder and simple arson.

Neustrom said they are prepared to house as many offenders as they capture, despite the jail's already overcrowded quarters.

"If it's serious offenders, we'll find room," Neustrom said.

To report warrant-related information to the Sheriff's Office, call the hot line at


Lt. Craig Stansbury
Public Information Officer
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office