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New GPS Equipment

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (LPSO) is implementing new technology for home monitoring clients. The new system utilizes ankle bracelets tracked by GPS to monitor clients enrolled in the home monitoring program.

LPSO home monitoring staff has participated in two days of training, provided by Pro Tech, to become familiar with the new equipment. Previously, home monitoring clients were using a GPS cell phone to relay information back to LPSO. The ankle bracelet technology allows for more accurate tracking of clients and easier retrieval of data by LPSO staff.

The GPS ankle bracelet is made available to clients at a minimal charge of $6.00/day. This fee covers the cost of using Pro Tech's services.

This new device is gradually being integrated into the home monitoring program. A target date of November 1, 2006 has been set to fully incorporate this system into the program.

Leah Dishong
Community Corrections Spokesperson
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
231-6365 ext 25