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Inmate Writes Letter to Sheriff

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mike Neustrom P.O. Box 3508
Lafayette, LA. 70502
Dear Sheriff Neustrom;
I'm writing this letter to thank you, and any other persons and staff that may be involved in offering, and making available to the inmates at L.P.C.C., the educational and rehabilitation programs. I am a 35 year old, white male and a former business owner. I am also a recovering drug addict. I am an inmate, and serving a 5 year sentence for forgery and theft, crimes which I give credit to my drug addiction. It's ironic, but I guess sometimes, we have to be locked up to be set free. I finally feel free from the bondage of my drug addiction. But, I am no fool, I know the real test will come when I step back into the real world. Thanks to the programs offered in this facility I now have the courage to face that reality. I have gotten my GED, Job Skills Education Program, Speechmasters, Discovering Jesus, Anger Management, Project Hope (Helping offenders parent effectively), Alcoholics Anonymous, and the KITE program. Ms. Judith Kern, heads the KITE program and has been a substance abuse counselor at L.P.C.C. for 17 years. She has brought recovery in L.P.C.C., to a new level, about 16 months ago, when she was allowed to start a Recovery Dorm. I am one of the inmates that have been given the great privilege to stay in this dorm, but to remain in the dorm, an inmate has to be serious about recovery and changing his behavior, or he is removed from the dorm. We also have inmate-run meetings in the dorm. AA, Narcotics Anonymous, and The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren, are used in book study. This Dorm is acknowledged as the model dorm for the entire facility. The correction officers encourage the inmates in this pod and we respect and appreciate them.
I would like to thank Ms. Terri Hutton, who runs the Educational Department, Mr. Pat Wilson- Anger Management, Ms. Julie Mouton- Project HOPE and MRT, Mr. Chuck St-Romain- Project HOPE, Rev. Carl Comeaux- Discovering JESUS, and Ms. Judy Kern-KITE and MRT. Because of the impact that these programs have had on rny life, I owe a debt of gratitude, in which, I will try to repay by dedicating the rest of my life to helping others. So, in closing, thank you again, Sheriff Neustrom, for allowing us to have a Correctional Facility that focuses on rehabilitation and not just punishment..
Respectfully, J.L.C. Inmate

Lt. Craig Stansbury
Public Information Officer
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office