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LPCC Implements AIS technology

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A new Automated Information System (AIS) will be operational at LPCC February 12. The system will provide civilians and inmates access to information such as charges, bonds, visitation hours, and commissary balance through the use of an automated system that relies on voice commands or the use of a phone key pad.

The system works through the user's telephone. When the number is dialed (236-5400) the user is connected with an automated system that guides the user through the process. The user can access information about a specific inmate or policies. If the automated system is unable to answer all questions, the user will have the option of speaking with a Corrections staff member.

According to Co-Jail Commander Captain Myra Mouton, "The automated information system is another avenue being provided to the public at no cost, to gain up to date and accurate information regarding an inmates' records and status. The system will supplement information already provided through the Sheriff's Office Web site at the touch of dial. The automated system will provide charge, bond, visitation, commissary balance, release date and court appearance information without any delays."

Inmates will be given a number code to access the system and will only be able to obtain information about themselves. Their access will be limited to the automated system. They will not be able to speak with Corrections staff.

The AIS will be fully operational February 12 at 10am.

Leah Dishong
Project Development Manager
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
337-231-6365 ext 239