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Inmates to Receive Forklift Certification

Friday, September 18, 2009

LAPCORR Industries under the Corrections Division at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office incorporates training that inmate workers can use in the real world upon release. On September 23, a select group of work crew inmates will have the opportunity to increase their potential for job opportunities by receiving a forklift certification.

The training is made possible through a partnership between the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and Advanced Safety and Training Management, Inc. Deputy Ricky Soulaire will lead the one-day, hands-on course to 20 incarcerated individuals. Each participant is currently employed on an outside work crew where a "real-world" work environment is emphasized.

LAPCORR Sgt. Cathy Blanchard states, "Our goal is to provide inmates with real skills that can be utilized in the workforce upon release. This training will give the inmates a valuable certification that will make them more employable as they transition back into society."

This class will be the largest forklift certification class offered to the inmates. LAPCORR Industries plans on offering additional forklift certification training in the future.

Sgt. Cathy Blanchard
LAPCORR Supervisor
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Officer