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New GPS Offender Tracking Program

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) Home Monitoring Program is now the GPS Offender Tracking Program, with our new GPS tracking equipment now fully implemented the new name is more representative of the program’s current offender client tracking capabilities.

Advanced GPS technology utilized by the ankle bracelets worn by our offender clients, allows the LPSO to track offender movement both in and out of their home or place of work 24 hours a day if need be.

This capability allows the offender client to continue to participate in approved and needed activities such as providing for his or her family’s care and financial support, while at the same time alerting the LPSO when the client is at a place where they have been restricted to go. Using a combination of both satellite and cell technology our GPS tracking system allows for practically real time tracking of any person in the program at any time. Computer map displays show our program case workers an offender client location and movement regardless of where they are. Movements that can be monitored continually if need be.

This Lafayette Parish Sheriff's GPS Offender Tracking technology gives local courts and law enforcement officials a proven safe and secure option to costly incarceration of offenders whose circumstances warrant an alternative.

Cost of equipment including the hi-tech ankle bracelet is paid for by the Offender, at no cost to the tax payers of Lafayette Parish. In some cases non-tax supported assistance is available to offender clients unable to afford program fees due to lack of employment or other financial shortcoming.

Julio Naudin
Program Development Coordinator

337.231.6365 ext 25