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Willow St. Public Safety Complex Master Plan Announced

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has announced that the Phase I Master Plan for the Sheriff’s new Public Safety Complex is complete. The Complex will be built on a 29 acre plot of land located on W. Willow St. near N. Pat St. in Lafayette, with construction scheduled to start in early 2011. Included in the first phase will be the construction of a 200 bed state of the art Work Release Housing Complex along with a 100 bed Outside Worker Dormitory. Other buildings to be built in Phase I include, a new Central Laundry Facility, Inmate Industry and Warehouse Building, Video Visitation Area and an Employee Training Center. All Phase I construction will help alleviate space issues at the current Sherriff’s Office Facilities. Total cost of Phase I is an estimate of $15 million.
Phase II which will come later and will include additional secure housing, an Offender Learning Center, Juvenile Housing, Community Park and Sheriff’s Office Substation. When complete the complex will be the corner stone of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s goal to provide the highest quality and most cost effective public safety services to the growing population of Lafayette Parish. For more information on either Phase I or Phase II contact Director Rob Reardon at 337-236-5407 during regular business hours.
The full report will be on the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Website (www.lafayettesheriff.com) when it becomes available.

Julio Naudin
Program Development Manager
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office