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New Video Link Makes Court Appearances Efficient

Friday, December 9, 2011

Working in cooperation with the 15th Judicial District, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has increased efficiency while also diminishing safety concerns with the implementation of video court. Recent installation of new Polycon PVX software now allows Lafayette Parish Correctional Center offenders the ability to appear before a judge without having a judge move court operations and or moving the inmate to the courthouse for certain appearances.

The law requires everyone arrested to appear before a judge within 72 hours of their arrest. Offenders unable to bailout of the Correctional Center after being arrested must make that court appearance while incarcerated.

Using primarily existing resources, the new video link now in operation connects the Correctional Center to the 15th Judicial District Court.   

Video court appearances using this system are held every Tuesday and Friday morning, with between 80-120 offenders appearing before a judge every week.

According to Captain Marty Miller, who is in charge of Correctional Center operations, both the court and the Sheriff’s Office already had experience using video link technology. Other video links already in use allowed DOC (Department of Corrections) offenders to make court  appearances and DOC hearings, without the cost of having to transport them in and out of the parish.

“Both of us already had a positive experience using this software and the technology with DOC Offenders, so it was a easy to apply that experience to making the 72-Hour Court process more efficient,” said Captain Miller.

Finding innovative ways to apply proven cost effective technology solutions to criminal justice operations is a priority of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.


Julio Naudin
Project Manager/Corrections PIO