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Arrests made in Child Support cases

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Warrants Unit teamed up with personnel from the Office of Non Support to execute warrants on persons who have not kept up to date with their court ordered child support payments.  Deputies arrestted five offenders on Wednesday in an operation that began at 4 AM and lasted throughout the day.  Deputies also resolved 10 other warrants through restitution, partial payments with new court dates or through detainers with other jails in the state. 


The most wanted offender in Lafayette Parish is Carl Breaux 51 years old from Lafayette who is said to owe over $100,000.00 in child support was not located today but deputies are asking anyone who sees Breaux to contact Crime Stoppers or you local emergency number.  


Even without Breaux the day was sucessful and with the 15 cases resolved the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office feels as though a dent has been made in this area. 



Kip Judice
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
337 236-5876