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2012 March Safety Tip

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sheriff Michael Neustrom is offering a monthly safety tip to the residents of Lafayette Parish and for March 2012 Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Deputies are encouraging residents who;

                                          "SEE SOMETHING TO SAY SOMETHING"

This message is part of a national campaign but is so true to local crime the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office feels strongly that the sooner deputies are alerted to criminal behavior the better the chances to solve or even prevent the crime.  Often times during post crime canvasses deputies hear statements like "I should have called but I didn't want to bother you" or "I knew that was odd".  Deputies are on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week to patrol against criminal activity but deputies cannot be everywhere all the time so they desperately rely on the help of everyone in the parish to respond to suspicious or criminal activity.  On a larger scale resources are often deployed based on the number of calls they receive from certain geographical areas, many police departments including the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office will utilize COMPSTAT to direct increased patrols where statistics indicate they are needed, a critical element to the success of this theory is the reporting of criminal activity. 

Please encourage your neighbors to do the same for you when you are out and to report any unusual activity around your home but it starts with every person who sees something to say something. 

Making Lafayette Parish a better place to live one call at a time. 


Kip Judice
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
337 236-5876