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Keiosha Felix Update 11-26-2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

A tip that was intended to help find Keiosha Felix was reviewed by Investigators assigned to the investigation and the hopes were high.  The tipster reported that a young black female fitting the description of Keiosha was in the Dallas, Texas area.  Many of the circumstances that the tipster reported led investigators to believe it was likely Keiosha who was in the company of an adult male.  Investigators assigned to the Felix investigation forwarded the tip along with a request of mutual aid to authorities in Dallas and within hours Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Investigators were notified that a 15 year old runaway had been found and was being returned to her home town, but that she was not Keiosha. 

Investigators believe these types of tips will result in finding Keiosha, and though hopes of having Keiosha home for Thanksgiving were broken on November 14thwhen Dallas Police confirmed the identity of the girl in their custody, Investigators remain optimistic and ready to respond to the next lead.  What is desperately needed is that call to the authorities pointing investigators to where Keiosha is.

There have been several promising leads throughout the six month investigation and though none of the leads have resulted in a resolution to this case, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Investigators are pleased that a 15 year old girl was able to be safe with her family this past holiday because of their efforts.

Due to the age of the person involved and a potential connection to criminal activity, The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office cannot disclose the identity of the girl who was located on November 14 in Dallas. 


Kip Judice
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
337 236-5876