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LPSO Receives Positive Accreditation Recommendations from both CALEA and AC

Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Congratulations to all LPSO staff members who worked hard to  ensure that LPSO received positive recommendations from both the ACA and CALEA accreditation audits. The CALEA accreditation auditors gave a positive recommendation for continued accreditation. The final report will be passed on to the CALEA Commissioners for approval in July. The CALEA accreditation audit was a three year review of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Operations.


The ACA auditors will also be recommending that their board award national accreditation to the LPSO Transitional Work Program and its new facility, the Transitional Housing Facility. Final approval will come from the ACA accreditation panel who will meet in August. Director of Corrections, Rob Reardon commented, "I am extremely proud of all the work that all the staff did in getting this first time accreditation.”


The first picture below shows the CALEA team pictured with the Sheriff, the LPSO Accreditation Team and Executive Staff. (L to R) Back row, Julio Naudin, Communications Facilitator, John Garavaglia, CALEA Assessor, Sheriff Mike Neustrom, Captain Jules Broussard, HR Director, Keith Sibille, Finance Director, Albert Gaude, Assistant to the Sheriff, Middle row, John Clifton CALEA Assessor, Captain Randy Mata, Training Director, Major Art Lebreton, Chief Enforcement Deputy, Rene Judice, Loss Prevention Manager, Rob Reardon, Director of Corrections, Seated LaDasha Arceneaux, LPSO Accreditation Staff, Melissa Lerille, LPSO Accreditation Manager and Suzanne Eason, Sheriff’s Secretary. Congratulations to the LPSO Accreditation Team.


The second picture shows the ACA Accreditation Team with the Sheriff and the Correction Division staff. (L to R) Ken Arnold and James Mc Clelland, ACA Auditors, Sheriff Mike Neustrom, Juliet Stern, Accreditation Sergeant, Lt. Armen Alexandrian, Transitional Work Program Manager, and Rob Reardon, Director of Corrections. (Not pictured: Van Otipoby, Corrections Division Policy and Procedure Coordinator) Congratulations to the Corrections Division.    


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), American Correctional Association (ACA) and NCCHC (National Commission on Correctional Health Care) for the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. For more information about the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and how its employees and deputies are working to keep our community safe, contact, Julio Naudin, at (337) 236-5640 or by email at Julio.naudin@lafayettesheriff.com

Julio Naudin
Communications Manager