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Sarah Downs Newest Challenge Coin Award Recipient

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

      The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office proudly announces that Sarah Downs, a transitional coordinator in the LPSO Transitional Housing Facility, has been selected as the current winner of the LPSO Corrections Challenge Coin Award. This award recognizes Corrections employees who, through their work ethic and actions, personify the attributes of leadership, creativity, honor, and innovation. The award is unique in that every new winner is selected by the current winner, making it truly a peer-to-peer award.

     Sarah Downs was nominated by the previous winner, Margaret Smith. In Margaret’s nomination letter, she wrote, “I had the pleasure of working with Sarah while she was a transitional coordinator at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC). Sarah has the ability to see the positive in any given situation, despite the challenges it may hold. For example, I remember asking Sarah for assistance in finding inpatient substance abuse treatment for a client who did not have transportation, insurance, or housing and there was only two days to get anything together. With a smile, Sarah not only coordinated a bed at the halfway house, she was even able to get him transportation to the facility. Sarah’s positive attitude has also afforded her opportunities to create networking relationships that have helped provide numerous services to the clients at LPCC. When requested, Sarah embraced the challenge and difficult task of leaving her comfort zone at LPCC and embarked on a new challenge at the Transitional Housing Facility. I would love to recognize Sarah for all of her hard work and dedication by nominating her as the challenge coin recipient.”

The Challenge Coin Award process now stipulates that Sarah identify and nominate the next award winner. Congratulations to Sarah Downs for a job well done!

Julio Naudin