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Lynda Fontenot is Newest Challenge Coin Award Recipient

Friday, September 25, 2015

      The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office proudly announces that Lynda Fontenot, a Department of Corrections Liaison in the LPSO Correctional Center, has been selected as the current winner of the LPSO Corrections Challenge Coin Award. This award recognizes Corrections employees who, through their work ethic and actions, personify the attributes of leadership, creativity, honor, and innovation. The award is unique in that every new winner is selected by the current winner, making it truly a peer-to-peer award.

     Lynda Fontenot was nominated by the previous winner, Sarah Downs. In Sarah’s nomination letter, she wrote, I worked closely with Mrs. Lynda at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center for 3.5 years and will always think of her as a mentor throughout my time there. My partner and I depended on Mrs. Lynda a lot since she was the DOC Liaison in the Intake department and was responsible for giving us names of those qualified for our Reentry program. I could always count on her for answers and if she didn’t know it, she definately knew someone who would! She never had a bad attitude or got frustrated with us about bothering her so much, except in joking and a loving way, of course.

    She was always upbeat and welcomed us into her office daily, which usually involved us raiding her jar of peppermints! To know Mrs. Lynda is to lover her, and with her, it wasn’t always about business. Over the years I learned about the singing group she belonged to and even the pleasure of hearing her belt out a tune or two. Even though a few months ago I transferred to another department, Mrs. Lynda is always a quick email or phone call away. Here’s to Mrs. Lynda for a job well done.”

The Challenge Coin Award process now stipulates that Lynda identify and nominate the next award winner. Congratulations to Sarah Downs for a job well done!

Julio Naudin
Communications Coordinator
337 236 5640