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CJCC Hosts Mental Health-Criminal Justice Collaborative

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lafayette Parish Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee this morning kicked off its Mental Health-Criminal Justice Collaborative, a discussion and planning session to improve mental health and criminal justice collaboration to prevent unnecessary incarceration of individuals with mental illness.

The goal of this meeting is to catalog the capacity of existing supports and services for individuals with mental health needs and to identify missing supports and service to create comprehensive mental health services both within and outside of the criminal justice system. LPSO staff members as well as stakeholders from other areas of the criminal justice system, mental health providers and mental health support organizations are attending.   

The principal mission of the Lafayette Parish CJCC is to study the Lafayette Parish juvenile and adult criminal justice system, gather data, identify deficiencies, and propose formulated and coordinated plans for change when opportunities present themselves. The committee strives to ensure the efficient and effective management of the Lafayette Parish Criminal Justice System by proactively and collaboratively engaging in information gathering and cyclical planning that embraces evidence-based assessment and evaluation of policies, programs and practices.  The goal of which is to make a coordinated planning effort in making policy recommendations on vital criminal justice system issues that positively affect our community’s safety.


Julio Naudin
Communications Coordinator