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Carol Mays Named Challenge Coin Award Winner

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Carol Mays Named Challenge Coin Award Winner

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office proudly announces that Carol Mays, an instructor in the LPCC Education Department, has been selected as the winner of the LPSO Corrections Division Challenge Coin Award. This award recognizes Corrections employees who, through their work ethic and actions, personify the attributes of leadership, creativity, honor, and innovation. The award is unique in that every new winner is selected by the current winner, making it truly a peer-to-peer award.

Ms. Mays was nominated by the previous winner, Nedra Green. Ms. Green wrote in her nomination letter, "I had the pleasure of first meeting Ms. Carol May three years ago as the principal at one of the local high schools where we host our summer program. One morning, while waiting for the students to leave for a field trip, Ms. May and I sat outside on the front of the building and she told me how impressed she was with our summer program and organization.

Ms. Mays told me how she had been an educator and a principal for a while and she was interested in making a career change, but still wanted to continue making an impact on the lives of people in our community. Six months later, as I was walking out of the an office I spotted Ms. Mays and she let me know that she was now working in our education department assisting offenders obtain their G.E.D. Ms. Mays has a true passion for education and helping offenders throughout Corrections increase their literacy levels, regardless of the adult or juvenile offender's basic educational level.

Ms. Mays strives to create an active, collaboration learning environment in which all participants are both teachers and learners and everyone can discover knowledge rather than be passive recipients. Because of this, I am happy to nominate Carol Mays as the next LPSO Challenge Coin recipient. "

The Challenge Coin Award process now stipulates that Carol identify and nominate the next award winner. Congratulations to Carol Mays for a job well done!


Julio Naudin
Communication Coordinator