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Gail Ford Named this Month’s Challenge Coin Award Winner

Friday, May 6, 2016

     The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office proudly announces that Deputy Gail Ford, a Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy working at the court house, has been selected as the winner of the LPSO Corrections Division Challenge Coin Award. This award recognizes Corrections employees who, through their work ethic and actions, personify the attributes of leadership, creativity, honor, and innovation. The award is unique in that every new winner is selected by the current winner, making it truly a peer-to-peer award.


Deputy Ford was nominated by the previous winner, Carol May. Ms. May wrote in her nomination letter, “I first met Gail Ford two years ago while she was still working as a Re-Entry deputy. Deputy Ford came into my English Class, with a few other deputies, while I was telling a story to the offenders. Deputy Ford stood quietly in the back and I noticed she was smiling. Later that day she commended on how my class was conducted and how she had enjoyed the class. I had never met her and I thought how kind she was to make such a comment. That’s Gail Ford though, always a positive word. She could have walked away and never said a word, after all, she had just started the job.


As I got to know Gail, we would sometimes have short conversations about the trials and tribulations of the day, always ending the conversation by saying something very wise or heartwarming. As she would walk up and down the sidewalks, she seemed pensive almost in prayer. Then, when one would approach, she would immediately engage in a conversation or have a warm hello. She has a keen sense of humor but at the same time an obvious sense of faith. Gail was always genuinely interested in how you were doing, providing words of encouragement when necessary.


Deputy Ford also took her position very seriously and gave encouragement to the offenders. She sincerely cared about their well-being and their progress in class. Gail would talk to the guys at lunch or in between classes. The offenders never seemed cross with her. How could they? Gail is a wonderful mentor and a wise woman.


Deputy Ford is a true professional, treating offenders and staff with dignity and respect. She provided us all with a sense of security and well-being and punctuated the day with a smile, no matter how bad it might have been. Gail Ford has a tremendous work ethic, is a dedicated professional and is committed to uphold the values of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office. What a loss we felt when she left Re-entry but what a gain for the court.


It is for these reasons that it is my honor and privilege to nominate Deputy Gail Ford for the prestigious Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department Challenge Coin Award.”

The Challenge Coin Award process now stipulates that Gail identify and nominate the next award winner. Congratulations to Deputy Gail Ford for a job well done!

Julio Naudin
Communications Coordinator