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Deputy of the Quarter Awards Presented

Thursday, October 17, 2002

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Michael W. Neustrom would like to congratulate the following outstanding Deputies who are being honored as Deputy of the Quarter within their respective Divisions. Their actions exemplify the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office motto “Serving the community with courtesy, professionalism and respect.”

Administration - Deputy David Boutin – Civil Process Server
David “is always willing to go that extra step in accomplishing his job and helping his fellow employees and the general public.” On September 23, 2002 while serving an eviction and Temporary Restraining Order, David noticed that a warrant had been issued for the subject – he arrested the individual and turned him over to Warrants for incarceration. Recently, while serving papers, David passed near a local school and noticed two young children playing and hiding behind trees in the schoolyard with no supervision. David stopped, talked to the children, pulled them over the fence and turned them over to the school authorities. “David’s quality and quantity of work are an asset to the Civil Department and a credit to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office. Thanks David!”

Corrections - Deputy David Scott – Corrections, Shift C
While at home, in the late hours of September 18, 2002, Deputy Scott was awaken by the smell of smoke. He made his way to the front of his residence, and was stopped by fire that had totally engulfed the front of his home. Realizing that the fire separated him from his son, he ran through the flames, and out the front door to get to his son’s bedroom window. Without any regard for his own safety, he broke out the window, went into the residence and rescued his son. Deputy Scott received second and third degree burns as well as severe lacerations on his hands, face and back, and miraculously his son was not seriously injured. After going through these tragic events and enduring incredible trauma, including injury, Deputy Scott borrowed clothes to attend his training class at A.L.E.T.A. (Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy) the very next morning – without hesitation. “His actions exemplify the ideals of excellence, bravery and professionalism that we as leaders try to instill in all of our employees.”

Enforcement - Agent John Kelly – Metro Narcotics
Agent Kelly is nominated for outstanding investigative work while assisting other agencies to solve a drug related double homicide and with averting two additional homicides. His experience and knowledge of “networks” linked to these cases were directly responsible for several arrests and have increased the area’s preparedness for future encounters with these groups. Agent Kelly’s “patience, dedication to duty, and exemplary interviewing skills helped bring these cases to a successful conclusion.”

Donna Delahoussaye
Media Relations/Projects Coordinator
Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office