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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office motto is "Serving the community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect." This section is for letters received from citizens who have been assisted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and have taken the time to send in a note of thanks.

If you would like to contribute information for this section, please send your comments or letters using our online submission form .

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November 25, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, Thank you so much for your deputies' assistance for the Peace Rally. We could not have gotten from place to place without the help of the escort. Your assistance was an indication of your support of the youth of this community. "It is an honor to have you as our Sheriff." Sincerely, Pat Broussard Youth Ministries for the Diocese of Lafayette ”
-- Ms Pat Broussard,


November 21, 2002

“ On behalf of the residents of Detente Rd and surrounding area, we want to express our appreciation of the work done by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office in solving the recent rash of robberies in our area. We want to especially express our appreciation to Detective Ted Hebert for responding to what may have resulted in someone getting hurt if this had not been solved in a timely manner. Great work!!! ”
-- James Bourque,


November 15, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, On behalf of the UL Lafayette Alumni Association Homecoming Committee, we would like to thank you and your staff for your generous contribution. Without Sheriff's escorts, our RV caravan could not have made it to each business participating in this year's Paint the Town Red competition. Your Deputies truly helped make our event a tremendous success. Support like yours makes our Homecoming Celebration possible. Yours in Ragin' Cajun Pride, Celeste Rushing & Tricia Schroedter Paint the Town Red - Business Co-chairs ”
-- Celeste Rushing & Tricia Schroedter, Lafayette, LA,


November 1, 2002

“ I would like to commend you on the Home Monitoring Program that is being implemented through the Lafayette Sheriff's Office. Having returned to the Public Defender Office after a year off, and having worked in Non-Support Court for 6 years, I was very encouraged to learn of this service....Often this is the only way that a parent can continue his or her employment while serving a sentence for non-payment of child support. The flexibility of this program allows those who are employed offshore or who drive cross-country to be monitored. Previously, these defendants would have served time in jail, in addition to losing their employment....Additionally, the reasonable cost of this program makes it more attractive....Let me also commend you (Ronald Roy) and Larry Richard on your promptness and reliability....It is greatly appreciated that you come to our courtroom and offer your assistance whenever possible. This is a program that is well implemented and I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. Sincerely, Monique L. Cloutier Public Defender, Non-Support ”
-- Monique Cloutier, Public Defender,


October 28, 2002

“ During Hurricane Lili, several LPCC inmates provided labor to our department under the supervision of Lt Tauzin. Please convey my personal commendation and thanks to Lt Tauzin for assisting us in our time of need. He had the tenacity to pull these workers together for the good of the community. I also realize that other deputies within your department were out handling calls throughout the storm. Please convey my appreciation to them as well. Everyone did an exceptional job during those critical hours. Respectfully Ronnie Boudreaux Chief of Police ”
-- Chief Ronnie Boudreaux,


October 24, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, I want to thank you for all of your assistance during Hurricane Lili with the Regional Special Needs Shelter. With your support, meals were provided to 117 special needs patients, their caretakers and staff from the Department of Health and Hospitals and Department of Social Services. Please express our thanks to your dietician - the meals were well balanced and very well prepared. Many of the individuals in the shelter commented on how much they enjoyed the food. Thank you for ensuring that we had a Deputy present at all times. Thank you for all of your support - it was truly appreciated by all of us in the Acadiana Region Office of Public Health. ”
-- Dr. Tina Stefanski,


October 11, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: On behalf of the Department of Social Services and the Department of Health and Hospitals I wish to express thanks and appreciation to you and to the jail kitchen staff who supported the Regional Special Needs Shelter during Hurricane Lili by providing meals for patients and DSS/DHH staff. We could not have done our job as well as we did without the assistance from your employees. We also wish to thank you for the Deputy provided around the clock during the operation of the shelter. During the time that the Regional Special Needs Shelter was operational, 117 special needs patients plus their caretakers sought refuge and assistance. Your support and contributions were invaluable to the success of this shelter. ”
-- Jackie Herrell,


September 30, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: Thank you for graciously presenting the plaques to the nominees at the 16th Annual Lafayette Parish Outstanding Worker Week held recently. The recognition event was a wonderful success and your presence added to the importance of the event. The Senior Worker Committee appreciates your support in honoring these outstanding individuals in Lafayette Parish and hope that you will consider participating again next year. Sincerely, Brenda T. Pourciau, Director Senior Employment & Training Program Lafayette Council On Aging, Inc. ”
-- Brenda T. Pourciau,


September 23, 2002

“ Honorable Sheriff Michael Neustrom Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office I would like to send out a sincere thank you to all agencies that assisted in the fatality on US Hwy 90 and LA 92 on Friday, September 20, 2002. The Broussard Police Department faced a potential catastrophe when this major accident occurred. Within minutes several agencies responded including yours and due to the impromptu response, we were able to avoid, perhaps, major devastation. All emergency personnel worked together exhibiting teamwork and true professionalism in meeting each and every challenge, and helped to defuse a major situation. I believe Broussard Police Department was well represented; therefore I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance. With kindest regards, I remain, Brannon J. Decou, Chief of Police Broussard Police Department ”
-- Chief Brannon Decou, Broussard, La


August 8, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff; Thank you for your help in making our annual National Night Out Against Crime a tremendous success. With your help we were able to send a thunderous message to neighbors and neighboring cities that the City of Broussard will pull together and do whatever it takes to help take a bite out of crime. It's people like you, with a caring and supportive nature, that help keep our community safe. ”
-- Chief Brannon J. Decou - Broussard,


August 7, 2002

“ Sheriff Neustrom, Thank you for allowing the women's self-defense class to be held at the training facility. I attended Tuesday, and felt it was a 2 hour block of my time well spent. Lt Stansbury and Deputy Kenny Duhon were so knowledgeable and helpful. The interaction between them and us women could only have helped make us at ease. The walk through helped us imagine ourselves in those situations. Hopefully we'll never be there, but I fell better prepared. ”
-- Ms C S Depa, Lafayette, LA


August 5, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: Our 19th Annual Steak & Burger Dinner was another success! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for recruiting Deputies to attend the dinner as our "heroes." This event continues to be a success due to the extraordinary efforts of individuals such as you. Thanks so much for caring about our club members. You are truly a hero to us! ”
-- Arlene A Bonner-Boys & Girls Club, Lafayette, LA


July 23, 2002

“ On behalf of everyone at KATC TV-3, Acadiana's NewsChannel, I would like to thank you and your staff for your support of our DNA LifePrint event at Hub City Ford on Saturday, July 20, 2002. Medical professionals from Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center took DNA samples from 600 children. Parents will hold on to that information to help investigators in the unthinkable event their child is abducted. Members of your department were crucial in providing informative safety lessons for the families who attended the event. They also provided importand crowd control. We appreciate your support of KATC's Safe Families program. Sincerest Thanks! ”
-- James Warner & Arte Richard/KATC TV, Lafayette, LA


May 12, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: We cannot begin to tell you how much the Deputies and Inmate Workers helped during and after the 15th Annual KLFY-TV10 Foodnet "Food for Families" Food Drive in December. We received 78.8 tons of food. The Inmate Workers loaded and unloaded all of the food, and moved some of the food more than once. We could not have done all that work without their help. "It was a pleasure working with Deputies Edwards, Fremin and Dugas. They treat the Inmate Workers with respect and in turn the workers respect the Deputies." On Behalf of the Board of Directors of Foodnet and the thousands of needy people who benefit from the service of our food bank, we would like to express our appreciation for your kindness. Thank you for your continued support to Foodnet. ”
-- Mary Ellen Citron, Lafayette, LA


April 26, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: We appreciate having had the opportunity to hear B.J. Landry's presentation on Scams and Frauds at our Secretary's Day celebration. B.J. is a delight to know and gives a very interesting and informative talk. We highly commend you for providing such a needed service to the community... There is no way to document the number of incidents avoided because of this public awareness....and the involvement of your Office in assisting those who have become victims....This is certainly an important facet of the service that you provide..... ”
-- LaBorde Therapy Center, Lafayette, LA


February 15, 2002

“ I am writing you to let you know the wonderful job Mr. Landry did with the presentation he made at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. The presentation was on Scams, Fraud, and Telemarketing. You can tell that he really enjoys what he does and is a real asset to our community. ”
-- Jill Moreau, R.N.,


January 8, 2002

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, I would like to extend to you and your staff my sincere appreciation for the assistance you provided to my department on helping to apprehend the two Juveniles that escaped from the St. Martin Parish Juvenile Detention Center on January 7, 2002. Your assistance was very much appreciated, again I thank you for your effort and support. If I can be of any assistance to you or your department in the future, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Sincerely yours, Charles A. Fuselier, Sheriff St Martin Parish, Louisiana ”
-- Sheriff Charles Fuselier,