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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office motto is "Serving the community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect." This section is for letters received from citizens who have been assisted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and have taken the time to send in a note of thanks.

If you would like to contribute information for this section, please send your comments or letters using our online submission form .

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December 21, 2004

“ Thank you for your fundraising efforts for the October 24, 2004, Louisiana Ride for Kids. Thanks to your efforts, and those of other motorcyclists, more than $30,079 was raised to support the programs of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is committed to finding the cause and cure of children's brain tumors. In addition, we are providing a network of support to assist the families of children affected by this dreadful disease. ”
-- National Ride for Kids, Asheville, NC


December 13, 2004

“ (This "Job Well Done" was submitted as a result of several Lafayette Police Officers and Sgt. Canezaro from LPSO working together to apprehend a suspect after a disturbance and hit and run at a local restaurant). I received the attached memo from Lt. Delahoussaye regarding the efforts made to locate and arrest a suspect involved in a disturbance and hit and run...The response and team work displayed by police officers and sheriff's deputies played a major role in the location and apprehension of the suspect....As a Division Commander, it is rewarding to receive this type of memo, especially when it involves different agencies working together. Thanks again for a job well done. ”
-- Major Jim Craft,


November 10, 2004

“ I would like to thank you for allowing officers from your department to participate in the 2004 Greater Acadiana Public Safety Expo held on October 16, 2004 at the Northgate Mall, in Lafayette, Louisiana. This event was a huge success with approximately 2000 people visiting their public servants, during the course of the event. It was a great way to give something back to our community and an opportunity for all of the agencies who participated to interact. Again, thank you for all of your help, and the time and effort your department put forth for this event. Without your support this event would not have been as successful as it turned out to be. We, at Troop I, hope to see your department at the next Safety Expo to be held in 2005. ”
-- Captain W.T. Legendre, Troop I Comm,


October 19, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, I would like to thank you for sending Deputies from your office to our Kiss-A-Cop event on October 13, 2004. The Deputies that attended the event did a wonderful job speaking with the children and helping them to understand why they have to sometimes take their Daddy away. I would like to commend the Deputies who attended; they interacted with the children with ease and seemed very comfortable. Thank you for all you and your Deputies do for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. ”
-- Dawn Guidry, Faith House,


October 18, 2004

“ I am proud and honored to appoint you as a member of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice. I am pleased that someone with your qualifications is interested in serving the state of Louisiana in this capacity. Our shared goal must be to make state government work effectively for the people of Louisiana. Your attendance at board meetings is important and will demonstrate your commitment to joining me in this effort. Congratulations on your appointment. I look forward to working with you in the future. ”
-- Governor Kathleen Blanco,


October 5, 2004

“ A Heartfelt Greeting & Thank You! We hope this letter finds you well. The Youngsville Community Health Business & Fun Fair was a huge sucess because of you. Dr Steve Darbonne and Community Home Health Care would like to thank you all for coming out Saturday and helping us make the fair a great example of the properity and bright future of Youngsville. We look forward to continued success in the future for everyone who took part in the event. We would also like to thank Parish President Joey Durel, Mayor Wilson Viator, and Councilmen Jesse Vallot for their attendance and participation, as well as Sheriff Mike Neustrom and his staff for providing help throughout the day. Again, thank you all so very much for helping make the Youngsville Community Health, Business & Fun Fair such a huge success. Sincerely, ”
-- Community Home Health Care, Youngsville, LA


October 1, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: The inmates along with Deputy Jon Fremin and Deputy John O'Neal have worked very hard at painting the Lafayette Parish Vermilion Conference Center. At the Conference Center we have 21 offices and 5 conference rooms, all of which were painted by the inmates and supervised by the Deputies. We would like to thank you for allowing these hard working inmates and Deputies to come here and do such a wonderful job for the Lafayette Parish School System. The supervisors and inmates were very courteous and thoughtful in all their work and actions. It really speaks highly of our Sheriff and everyone in his department. Thank you again for helping fulfill a need in our parish. Sincerely, Gary Meade, Staff Development Strategist & Burnell Lemoine, Deputy Superintendant and Chief Academic Officer Lafayette Parish School System ”
-- Burnell Lemoine, Lafayette, LA


September 21, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff and Staff, I and my friend would like to thank your office staff and especially Ricky Hebert. In the early hours of Wednesday, September 15, 2004 we called 911 and were put in touch with someone in your office. We evacuated New Orleans at approximately 2PM on Tuesday, September 14, 2004. After being in traffic for over 12 hours we reached exit 100. However, we were tired and disoriented and made a wrong turn-we found ourselves on a very desolate road-...The red light was on showing low gas, the battery on the cell phone was low and the line to our destination was busy - it was not hung up correctly. We told our story to a very compassionate person who told us help would be sent to us. Our hearts jumped with joy when we saw a sheriff car - 8947 to be exact. The driver - Deputy Hebert, told us to follow him...he took us to a service station where we were able to buy gas. He waited while we got gas...he again said to follow him which we did...until I recognized landmarks that I was familiar with...I was never so happy. This officer is one that you can be very proud of - he would not take an offer of money etc. I can only say Thank You and can really talk about Southern Hospitality and I was very much on the receiving end. May God Bless All of You! ”
-- Ms P. Bonhager & Ms M. Shoemaker, New Orleans,


September 20, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, I recently experienced a theft situation at my office...I called your office and requested an officer to file a report of the incident. Deputy Deanna Toliver was promptly dispatched and took my statement and supportive evidence relative to the incident. Deputy Toliver forwarded the report to Detective Marc Broussard who also came to my office and took additional employee statements. Although the investigation is still ongoing, I felt compelled to let you know how comfortable it makes me feel to know that we have law enforcemernt personnel of the caliber of Deputy Toliver and Detective Broussard. Both were very professional and thorough in their questioning and information gathering and I am content in knowing that the District Attorney will get a thorought report, both from our perspective and the person under investigation. In my 34 years in the security business in Lafayette, I have had many opportunities to visit the Sheriff's Office and have known many of the deputies. These two representatives of your department are without a doubt, the most professional and well trained law enforcement officials I have ever encountered. Thank you and these fine deputies, for bringing Lafayette Parish the professional security that the citizens expect and deserve. ”
-- Danny Northcutt, Lafayette, LA


August 30, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, I am taking this opportunity to congratulate your agency on its' recent reaccreditation. While the accreditation process is extremely rewarding, the reaccreditation process is even more rewarding. Reaching a goal such as this requires participation from the entire agency. Your commitment and hard work are recognized and applauded. If you are ever in need of anything, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my staff. Respectfully, ”
-- Sheriff Stanley Glanz,


August 28, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, Thank you on behalf of the "Games of Acadiana" for your support of the 2004 games. Your staff, were, without hesitation, not only officers of the law, but gentlemen. Each gave of their free time to help our committee hold a successful game day. The inmate work crew was courteous and showed much respect to the Deputy who supervised them and our volunteers. Again, thank you! ”
-- Sarah Palmer, Games of Acadiana, Lafayette, LA


August 9, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: Just so you know that I do write complimentary letters in addition to those that criticize, please accept my praise for some of your innovative programs that have been recently highlighted in the media. The programs I speak of are the direct supervision of prisoners approach; the off-site telecommunication visitation for families of prisoners; the call program for the elderly; and the day reporting programs for some offenders. All of these programs show your very humanistic approach to corrections and the general human condition. You are a different kind of sheriff from the standard old Louisiana model, and it has taken some adjustment by the jaded downtown crowd (myself included) to see the wisdom of your ways. Anyway, thank you for your innovative programs, and I am always available with an opinion. I don't lack opinions. With kind regards, I remain Very truly yours, Albert M. Karre', Jr. ”
-- Albert M. Karre' Jr., Lafayette, LA


July 28, 2004

“ Dear Mike, We would like to thank you for your assistance on Monday, July 26th in the afternoon. One of my units had vehicle problems in your Parish. My Secretary called your office and spoke to Denise and Captain Daly and they both were very helpful. Captain Daly sent one of your units to assist us while they were able to reach a tow truck service at no cost to us. They had our vehicle towed to your Motor Pool till the next day, then we were able to go pick it up. Your Radio Dispatcher, Betsy, kept us informed as to what was going on up there. If you are ever in our Parish and need any assistance, please feel free to call us. Again, than you and your officers. Sincerely, Jerry J. Larpenter, Sheriff Parish of Terrebonne ”
-- Sheriff Jerry J. Larpenter, Houma, LA


July 22, 2004

“ On behalf of the Lafayette Council on Aging, we want to express our sincere appreciation to you for the excellent job you all did in providing fans for area senior citizens. We have received many requests from senior citizens in the community and have delivered most of the fans. Thank you so much for your generosity. We truly appreciate your kindness. Sincerely, Clara L. Burke, Executive Director ”
-- Lafayette Council on Aging, Lafayette, LA


June 23, 2004

“ Sheriff Neustrom, I would like to personnally thank you and your wonderful staff for sponsoring the kids golf tournament at Hebert Park on June 21 and 22. I took some time off and attended, for the first time, this event with my granddaughter. It was a wonderful experience. I was amazed how professionally your staff conducted themselves, the patience they displayed among rowdy kids and how well they were prepared. Golf is a wonderful game which can be played late in life and to give these children a chance to experience the beauty of the game is priceless. My granddaughter and I look forward to next years event. In the meantime I have found a new golfing partner. ”
-- Gene Veillon, Lafayette, LA


June 16, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom, Junior Achievement of Acadiana gratefully acknowledges the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office's generous support of economic education programs at Ernest Gallet Elementary School. Last year the departure of Ocean Energy employees greatly impacted the number of volunteers who supported the program at Gallet. Fortunately, when we called upon Donna Delahoussaye she responded by helping to recruit volunteers from the Sheriff's Office... Junior Achievement applauds the efforts of the staff at the Sheriff's Office for taking an active approach to forming a powerful partnership that enriches the educational experience for the students at Ernest Gallet and other schools in the parish. Sincerely, Michele Boustany, Education Manager ”
-- Junior Achievement, Lafayette, LA


May 14, 2004

“ Acadian Society of Autistic Citizens (ASAC) is a non-profit organization and a regional Chapter of Autism Society of America. Our primary mission is to offer support and information to families of individuals with autism in order to better prepare families to face the lifelong challenges associated with raising a son or daughter with autism. Another goal of our organization is to raise awareness of autism in our community, among professionals and the general public. Our autism chapter would like to thank you and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office for hosting the autism training for law enforcement and first responders. We wish to acknowledge the support of Donna Delahoussaye and Lt. Craig Stansbury for their support and help with publicity and the media. We would also like to thank our hosts at the Community Training Center, Major Francis Green, Kenny Duhon, and Vanessa Cormier, all were very helpful regarding planning and organizing the event. A special thank you to Ms. Cormier for handling registration. Keith Keller, of the ULL Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy, was very kind and supportive also. He will attempt to work some of what he learned into the training curriculum for future recruits. The support of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office in obtaining media coverage and publicity was greatly appreciated. Our office did receive several phone calls in the days immediately following television report on the training. Families of children with autism who had no prior knowledge of our existence were glad to know they had somewhere to go for help and emotional support. Thank you for helping us make a difference in those families' lives and within our own community agencies. We will welcome other future opportunities to work with your office to educate those who are charged with protecting the safety and welfare of all citizens, including those who have autism. ”
-- Acadiana Society for Autistic Citiz, Lafayette, LA


May 14, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: We would like to thank you for the generous donation to the 2004 Acadiana Senior Olympic Games. Approximately 330 senior citizens participated in the 2004 games and we are looking forward to having a larger number of senior citizens participate in the 2005 Acadiana District Senior Olympic Games. Physical fitness is a goal which senior athletes want to promote and your participation helps us in that endeavor. Senior Olympic competition on the District, State and National level is rapidly growing in popularity. Thanks again for your interest and assistance. Sincerely, Charlie Richard, A.J Fisher & Clara Burke Acadiana District Senior Games ”
-- Acadiana Senior Olympic Games, Lafayette, LA


January 30, 2004

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: On January 23-25, our Organization hosted a Training Seminar on Boating Skills and Seamanship at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Community Training Center. Your staff provided our group with a level of service that far exceeded any of our expectations. The people, Major Green, Ms Cormier, Mr Duhon, were friendly, helpful and courteous. The facility was clean, neat, and well maintained. It was truly a pleasure to be able to walk in, sit down, and begin our training sessions without any of the distractions of setting up a room. Many of our members commented on how perfect this facility is for our training courses. The secure parking, use of the break room, and designated smoking areas were also appreciated. Again, I would like to thank you on behalf of the members of the USCG Auxiliary, Flotilla 44, for providing such a wonderful facility for our use. And, I would hope that you could take a few moments from your busy schedule to pass along our thanks and sincere appreciation to those who staff the facility and provided us with five star service every step of the way. ”
-- Scott Foster, Vice Flotilla Command, Coast Guard


January 20, 2004

“ Thank you for all the gifts you donated for the children for Christmas. The children had a wonderful Christmas and were excited that Santa found them at the Shelter. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Dawn Guidry Faith House ”
-- Faith House, Lafayette, LA


January 9, 2004

“ Dear Detective Carriere, I would like to formally thank you and your department for the assistance that you and your bomb detection K-9 provided to us during the past few weeks. During the two bomb threat incidents at A.M. Barbe High School and Lake Charles-Boston High School, you provided us with both professional and valuable assistance in the clearing of both schools from the potential threat. If I can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. ”
-- Lt Ben Angerstein, Calcasieu Sheriff's