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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office motto is "Serving the community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect." This section is for letters received from citizens who have been assisted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and have taken the time to send in a note of thanks.

If you would like to contribute information for this section, please send your comments or letters using our online submission form .

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September 27, 2010

“ Sheriff Neustrom, In the early afternoon hours of September 12, 2010, Scott Fire Department received a call of a commercial building on fire in the 400 block of Debonnaire Road. Upon arrival, I reported seven out of eight large warehouses having heavy black smoke showing in the 100 Block of Asset Drive. With the buildings totaling over 50,000 square feet, this fire was the largest in Scott’s history. Once the fire was brought under control, the issue of scene preservation to conduct the proper investigation arose. Processing such a large scene, to determine the cause and origin required four days by Local, State and ATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) investigators. This process would also require several work stations for investigators to process information for their investigation, in addition to a location to interview citizens. I requested the use of the Command bus from your office, and was fortunate that you granted this request. I would like to thank you for the use of the command bus; it allowed members of all agencies involved a meeting area (for important briefings), refuge from the elements of the weather and the needed office space to conduct the investigation. Without your generosity, there is no doubt in my mind that operations would not have run as smoothly as they did. I would like you to know that I am forever grateful for your organization’s efforts to allow me to manage this incident in a safer and more efficient manner. Without all of this assistance, the outcome would have been very different. Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you in away. ”
-- Chief Chad P. Sonnier,


September 24, 2010

“ Dear Mike, What a great program you have. Craig Stansbury was here doing a couple of safety programs for our members earlier this month. He did a fantastic job. Everyone learned a lot and really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to having Craig return next fall. Thanks, ”
-- Kathy Yates,


June 21, 2010

“ I would like to acknowledge the excellent job that your officers did while working a public relations station at the field day. Barry Baldwin (K-9), Cindy Segura and Chris Batchler were here. They bought a patrol car and the drug dogs, and they allowed the kids to sit in the car and run the sirens. Many of our students said that meeting your officers was their favorite part of the field day. This was a positive situation because it gave our students a chance to meet your deputies on a “Friendly” basis. Your support has enabled us to continue to provide our students with an educational and fun field day. Sincerely, Bernie Barras Ryan Mouton Physical Education Teachers Charles M. Burke Elementary ”
-- Charles M. Burke Elementary ,


April 7, 2010

“ Thanks Given for support of Nofear Nofuture "Drinking and Driving Prevention" Program. Dear Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, Thank you all for your time and effort this year at Lafayette High. We really appreciate you guys and could not do this without you all. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you for your community service. NFNF Chair Jan Faulk/Committee ”
-- Junior League of Lafayette,


April 7, 2010

“ Shenandoah Neighborhood Watch Appreciates Deputies Dear Sheriff Neustrom I would like to start off by thanking the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department for their assistance in the planning and implementation of our Neighborhood Watch program. As you may already be aware, our neighborhood is not within the city limits of any smaller municipality, and is simply part of rural Lafayette Parish. Our neighborhood had increasing problems with thefts and criminal damage to property, and simply used the Lafayette Parish Sheriff s Department as a means of reporting the incidents. After much frustration, our neighborhood decided it was time to take action and put a stop to our neighborhood problems. Sergeant Tom Stith with the Community Services Unit has been more than helpful and cooperative in assisting with getting the Neighborhood Watch up and running, and keeping it maintained. Sergeant Stith and Deputy Elisa Foster came to our first Neighborhood Watch meeting armed with flyers, pamphlets, and a well of information which they shared with us. They gave us instruction on personal safety, securing our homes, monitoring the neighborhood and keeping ourselves safe in doing so, and dealing with certain situations that may arise, as well as how to work with the Sheriffs Department in resolving our problems, including a pro-active approach at deterring crime. Our neighborhood also had a block party several months after starting our program, at which Sergeant Stith, his lovely wife, and Deputy Darrell Doucet attended. Sergeant Stith and Deputy Doucet presented some of our Neighborhood Watch Block Captains with the signs we had ordered and that were delivered to the Sheriff s Department, and made sure to get to know the neighbors, listen to their concerns, and generally let the neighborhood know that the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department is backing us in our endeavor. I also wanted to add that Sergeant Stith and his wife attended the block party on their own personal time and we are very thankful to them for their presence and for Sergeant Stith's respectable work ethic. He is an asset to the Sheriff's Department, Actually, Sergeant Tom Stith, Deputy Darrell Doucet, and Deputy Elisa Foster, are all assets to your Department. I initially had some doubts about the Neighborhood Watch program and its effectiveness. However, after just a few weeks, our neighborhood was seeing a decrease in criminal and mischievous activity, and after just a few months, the neighborhood is relatively quiet. When the Shenandoah Neighborhood Watch began, our neighborhood was having approximately 3 to 4 incidents (give or take a few) per week. Our neighborhood now has zero incidents per week with just an occasional problem reported. It appears that with a little pro�active involvement, we are able to deter problems in our neighborhood. Again, I thank the Lafayette Parish Sheriff s Department, Sergeant Tom Stith, Deputy Darrell Doucet, and Deputy Elisa Foster, as well as all of the patrolling deputies, in helping to continue to make our neighborhood a safe haven for our families! With kind regards, I remain Very truly yours, Marguerite Fitzgerald, Shenandoah Neighborhood Watch Coordinator ”
-- Neighborhood Watch Appreciates LPSO,


February 3, 2010

“ On behalf of the Board of Directors of Foodnet and the thousands of less-fortunate people who benefit from our food bank, I want to express our gratitude to you and the Department for the major role that you played in our annual Christmas Food Drive. The Twenty-Third annual KLFY-TV-10/Foodnet “Food for Families” food drive was a great success – one of our best. We finished with a total of seventy-four tons of food. Our success could not have been realized without your co-operation and the assistance of the Trustees. The courtesy and co-operation of my friend, Albert Glaude. Albert is always there with his calmness and re-assurance when just about everything is dependent on the assistance of the trustees. I am very grateful to all of you. Sincerely Marcelle F. Citron Founder/Chairman ”
-- Food Net Directors Appreciates LPSO,