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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office motto is "Serving the community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect." This section is for letters received from citizens who have been assisted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and have taken the time to send in a note of thanks.

If you would like to contribute information for this section, please send your comments or letters using our online submission form .

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February 14, 2013

“ Dear Sheriff Neustrom: At their last regular meeting of January 23, 2013, the commissioners of the Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District voted to issue a public thanks and commendation for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office for its decisive and crucial participation in the construction of an emergency sandbag levee near our operations at 350 Fisher Road on the Vermilion. Without the assistance of your deputies and officers, most notably Major Art Lebreton and Director Rob Reardon, we would have had to shut down our operations at Vermilionville and BVD Bayou Operations for much longer. These operations were a great example of cooperation across several agencies to help us preserve and protect not only one of Lafayette's premier tourist attractions, but also the main organization that is responsible for maintaining the health and viability of the Vermilion. Once again, we would like to express our profound gratitude to the men and women officers as well as the trustee work details that came out in force. Sincerely yours, David Cheramie, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer Bayou Vermilion District ”
-- Laf Parish Bayou Vermillion Dist,


January 24, 2013

“ Sheriff Mike Neustrom, I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you for your assistance in a time of need. Without hesitation, members of your agency answered the call of duty as we came together in a joint effort to achieve a common goal. Ten agencies successfully worked together with no critical issues that can often plague multi-jurisdictional operations. Your officers and supervisors displayed great professionalism as they tirelessly searched for a homicide suspect. Not once did I hear anyone complain as they pressed the fight and contained the suspect within the perimeter. Our law enforcement team saturated the area and established a perimeter that ultimately tired the suspect out. After a relentless fourteen hour pursuit, the suspect emerged from hiding, within the perimeter established and was successfully taken Into custody with no incident. Thank you again for sending reinforcement without question, and if there is ever anything that I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate. Thank you, respectfully, I remain, Chief Brannon Decou ”
-- Chief Brannon Decou, Broussard, La.


January 9, 2013

“ Congratulations to Dr. Kim Edward LeBlanc, who is one of six physicians affiliated with Lafayette’s University Medical Center who was recently named to the “Best Doctors in America List for 2013.” According to the news story in the Daily Advertiser, only five percent of U.S. physicians are named to the list each year. The list results from polling of more than 47,000 doctors in the U.S.. Dr. LeBlanc also serves as Medical Director of the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center Medical Department. ”
-- ,