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All information submitted will be verified through Polygraph Examination and Background Investigation.

Application for Employment

Instructional Information Sheet

IMPORTANT! Read before completing application.

This sheet has been prepared as an aid in executing the application for employment with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. If there are questions that are not applicable to you, please indicate this fact by the notation “N/A” in the appropriate space.

If additional space is needed for any section or question, or if you wish to provide additional information, attach page(s) of the same size to this application and indicate which question you are answering.

Please understand that it may take 28 to 42 days before a final decision is made regarding your employment.

Please review the additional handout titled “Hiring Process.”

Common Areas of Omission

Be sure to include maiden names, middle names, addresses, dates, etc. An incomplete application may cause your name to be removed from consideration. Please note that willfully withholding information or making false statements on this application will be basis for rejection by, or dismissal from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. An especially important section concerns your former employers. Make sure you provide their telephone numbers and the names of your supervisors. Also, you should make sure you provide both work and home telephone numbers for your references.


If not already on file with the Sheriff’s Office, you will need to furnish the following copies with your application if applicable.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Birth Certificate – True and correct copy
  • Military Discharge Papers – DD214
  • College Diploma
  • Driver’s License and/or Valid State I.D. (Photocopy)
  • Other Certifications- POST, Specialized Training, etc.
  • Social Security Card

Applicants will be given careful, fair, and equal consideration. You will be notified if and when an interview with the Sheriff and/or the Human Resources Director is required. If you are turned down for any reason, you may re-apply after one year. Applicants must meet certain standards in order to be considered for employment with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, and there are several reasons why you could be removed from the application process. Should you be removed, the LPSO is under no obligation to reveal the reason for disqualification.

Post Office Drawer 3508
Lafayette, Louisiana 70502
Phone 337- 232-9211