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Outstanding Citizens recognized by Sheriff

Monday, February 4, 2013

Five area residents have received an outstanding citizenship award from Sheriff Michael Neustrom for their contributions to the community. Many people in Lafayette Parish act above and beyond to help keep Lafayette Parish a safe and enjoyable place to live this outstanding citizenship award is one way we at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office can recognize these actions of our citizens.

The first award was presented to Kenny Rowell and Mike Dupuis both of whom were employed by C and C Technologies for their efforts in providing support to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Dive Team by way of sonar navigations. On many occasions over the past 5 years this company and specifically these two men have provided sonar scans in water with zero feet visibility to help locate objects and people under water. Never costing the tax payers of Lafayette Parish any money this company projects the culture of neighbor helping neighbor, and private business helping government; these resources are invaluable to insure the safety of divers and support staff to direct them to a specific area without the threat of becoming tangled underwater with all the dive gear on. Kenny and Mike are especially recognized for their efforts during the Mickey Shunick investigation where they volunteered many hours scanning the depths of Whiskey Bay helping searches identify suspicious items under water. Sheriff Mike Neustrom and the Men and Women of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office acknowledge these efforts by issuing a plaque to each of them.

Pictured are from left to right Kenny Rowell, Major Arthur LeBreton, Mike Dupuis and Lt. Kenny Duhon.

The next two awards were presented to Taylor Stokes, Dwight and Susie Breaux owners of Dwight's Restaurant in Lafayette. In April 2012 the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office received its fourth award recognizing accreditation. The commission sent two inspectors to view the operations of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office these are police executives who know the standards expected of the CALEA organization and travel throughout the United States conducting such inspections.

During the course of their inspections the reviewers visit various businesses to obtain a feel for the community each agency is charged with policing, this often times gives the inspectors a view of the community's thoughts with regards to the law enforcement agencies in that city. While in Lafayette the inspectors visited many businesses but one stuck out to them, while enjoying an evening meal at Dwight's Restaurant on Johnston Street the inspectors reported that their waitress Taylor Stokes and the owners Dwight and Susie Breaux took time to help them pick some dishes that best described the flavor of Lafayette Parish. The inspectors were treated to boiled crawfish, various seafood dishes and other south Louisiana favorites. Beyond that these three Lafayette Parish residents took the time to express the stories behind the dishes they were enjoying and this expression of "joi de vie' and culture and hospitality of Lafayette Parish that will have a lasting impression on the South Carolina and Florida natives.

The efforts of this business and specifically these specific people will forever preserve a piece of our way of life to local and foreign people and for that Sheriff Mike Neustrom recognizes these efforts with a special recognition plaque.

Pictured are from left to right Taylor Stoke, Captain Kip Judice, Susie Breaux and Dwight Breaux

Kip Judice`
Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Office
337 236-5876