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Welcome to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office News and Recognition page. This section will be used to inform the public about Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office activities and awards as well as provide information about various public safety issues.

Press Releases

Lafayette Parish Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

Monday, December 19, 2016

Lafayette Parish Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

Meeting Agenda

Monday, December 19, 2016 @ 12:00pm

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Conference Room




  1. Committee Organization

    1. Proposed budget review

    2. Office (and parking) for CJCC staff

    3. Meeting dates for 2017

    4. Local Agency Agreement update


  2. Priority Issue: Data Integration

    1. Workgroup Recommendation: Warrants into single database


  3. Priority Issue: Pretrial Release

    1. Workgroup set to meet in January


  4. Priority Issue: Juvenile Justice

    1. JAC and JDH merger

    2. Workgroup Recommendation:


  5. Priority Issue: Mental Health Initiative

    1. Mental Health Criminal Justice Collaborative Event

    2. Vista Volunteer for MHCJC through 232-HELP

    3. White House Data-Driven Justice final conference

    4. Advisory Council: Connections Center


  6. Old Business

    1. Public Safety and Justice Issues

      1. Court Costs Collections update

      2. Police Community Relations

        1. Reviving aspects of Love It/Lock It


  7. New Business

    1. Public Safety and Justice Issues

      1. City ordinance and state law matching especially with domestic violence laws


Next CJCC Meeting:  TBD

John Mowell
LPSO Public Information Officer
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office