Diversion Programs : Adult Day Reporting

Day Reporting Program



The Day Reporting program requires offenders to report to the Community Corrections Campus daily. The program provides an itinerary of classes, counseling and other case related appointments. Offenders follow a strict daily schedule that includes a curfew and requires them to call in at specified times during the day. All offenders are subjected to weekly random drug testing and must attend assigned classes, such as job readiness, education, and substance abuse programs, most of which are offered on campus.

Like the other Diversion programs, Day Reporting works to assure public safety by providing closely managed supervision and low tolerance for non-complying offenders. It also provides the courts and probation officials with an effective alternative to incarceration. Offenders accepted into the program are periodically evaluated to measure their progress. The program consists of a series of intervention levels that the offender must work through while enrolled. Those not meeting the standards for the program level may be required to repeat or drop to a lower level. In some cases, offenders could be returned to incarceration.

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