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Job Placement Skills

Computer Skills
Being able to use a computer is now a basic skill requirement for many jobs. This course is designed for the offender  who has little experience with computer operating systems, word processing, and spreadsheet applications. It teaches the basic fundamentals of operating a computer as well as keyboarding.

KeyTrain Job Skill Training
Many offenders have special learning needs that traditional education methods have simply not addressed. The KeyTrain is an interactive and self-paced learning that successfully equips the offender with workplace-based skills that make them more employable once released. Successful completion of the training provides employable offenders with the credentials they need succeed in the work place.

Employment Training
This series of courses provides and prepares the individual for future employment opportunities. Topics covered in these courses include employment orientation, employment skills, career planning, referral to other supportive services, job placement, and retention assistance.

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