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Continuing Education

Driving the Right Way
This is a cognitive-behavioral program for DUI/DWI offenders that consists of four sessions which focuses on changing the offender's thought process and decisions.

GED Preparation
This program is provided for those who have not obtained their high school or high school equivanlency diplomas prior to being participants in an LPSO diversion program. Each participant is tested upon admission and is tutored through an individualized education plan based on testing scores. An offender client can participate in GED Preparation in addition to their participation in any other program. This program is also available to offenders under incarceration.

Computer Skills
Being able to use a computer is now a basic skill requirement for many jobs. This course is designed for the inmate clients who has little experience with computer operating systems, word processing, and spreadsheet applications. It teaches the basic fundamentals of operating a computer as well as keyboarding.

ACT Preparation
Using a computer-based online learning system, participants prepare for college through a self-paced learning curriculum. The Academic Enhancement-NovaNET software used in this program has shown to be an effective way to accelerate the acquisition of basic skills, improve achievement, and prepare clients for ACT testing.

Creative Expression
This class this gives the participants an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through art, journaling, painting and drawing in both individual and group projects.