Diversion Programs : Transitional Work Program

 Transitional Work Program Allows Offenders to Continue to Work


The LPSO Transitional Work Program allows approved offenders an opportunity to work and provide for their families. The program provides offender clients with the opportunity to re-establish dignity, self-esteem, and their transition back into the community as a responsible adult.

The program has been shown to reduce recidivism by teaching new job skills and positive work habits. Offenders participating in this program are half as likely to return to jail when compared to the national average. Allowing offenders to earn money to help support family members, provide restitution, pay court fees and/or have funds available to help their transition back into society upon release. In addition to work release, participants are encouraged - and may be mandated on a case by case basis - to attend educational substance abuse and job skills programs.

Transitional Work Program participants are also permitted to have contact visits twice each month with approved visitors.

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