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Victim Services

Over the past several decades, society has come to realize that the treatment that victims receive in the aftermath of a crime can have a tremendous impact on their ability to recover both physically and emotionally. In response to this, the majority of states have passed legislation granting specific rights to victims of certain crimes.

In an effort to protect the rights of victims, Sheriff Mark T. Garber and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office provides victim assistance through the Victim Services Program. In accordance with Louisiana law, people who are the victims of the following crimes or the attempt of any of the following crimes may be eligible to register as a victim with the State of Louisiana:

Victim Services Brochure

1. Any Homicide:
• 1st Degree Murder
• 2nd Degree Murder
• Manslaughter
• Negligent Homicide
• Vehicular Homicide
• Solicitation for Murder
(In cases where the victim is deceased or is a minor under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian or family member may register for the victim).

2. Any Felony Offense (including attempts to commit any of them) defined in R.S. 14:2(13):
• Aggravated battery
• 2nd degree battery
• Aggravated 2nd degree battery
• Aggravated assault
• Aggravated assault with a firearm
• Aggravated assault on a peace officer with a firearm
• Disarming a peace officer
• Battery of a peace officer
• Aggravated flight from a peace officer
• Mingling harmful substances
• Aggravated kidnapping
• 2nd degree kidnapping
• Simple kidnapping
• Aggravated arson
• Aggravated criminal damage to property
• Aggravated burglary
• Armed robbery
• Armed robbery (use of a firearm)
• 1st degree robbery
• Aggravated 1st degree robbery
• 2nd degree robbery
• Simple robbery
• Purse snatching
• Extortion
• Assault by drive-by shooting
• Carjacking
• Illegal use of weapons or dangerous instruments
• 2nd Degree cruelty to a juvenile
• Terrorism
• Home invasion

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3. Any Sexual Offense (including but NOT limited to):
• 1st degree rape
• 2nd degree rape
• 3rd Degree Rape
• Sexual battery
• 2nd degree sexual battery
• Aggravated sexual battery
• Oral sexual battery
• Aggravated oral sexual battery
• Intentional exposure to AIDS virus
• Crime against nature
• Aggravated crime against nature
• Felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile
• Indecent behavior with a juvenile
• Molestation of a juvenile
• Pornography involving juveniles
• Human trafficking
• Trafficking of children for sexual purposes
• Sexual battery of the infirmed
• Video voyeurism

4. Certain Vehicular-Related Incidents:
• Vehicular negligent injuring
• 1st degree vehicular negligent injuring

5.  Domestic Offenses:
• Domestic abuse battery
• Abuse/neglect of adults
• Stalking
• Domestic abuse aggravated assault
• Domestic abuse aggravated assault child endangerment
• Any offense against the person as defined in the Criminal Code committed against a family or household member as defined in R.S. 46:2132(4) or dating partner as defined in R.S. 46:2151(B)

Services Provided by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Victim Services Program:
• Ensuring victims receive prompt emergency, social, and medical services
• Distributing the Victim Notice and Registration Form to victims who are eligible for registration
• Providing private settings for the interviewing of victims
• Notifying properly registered victims of the release of those accused or convicted from custody
• Informing employers that victim cooperation in investigations may require them to miss work
• Maintaining the confidentiality of all victims
• Referring victims to social service agencies for counseling and financial services
• Working with the proper authorities to ensure any stolen or other personal property is returned to victims or their families when it is no longer needed as evidence  

These services are provided at no cost as a public service by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office with assistance from a Crime Victims Assistance grant through the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.

As an additional service, we have included a Victim Services Packet below that can be downloaded or printed to assist you, a friend, or family member. If you have any questions about our services please contact us at 337-232-9211 or email Amy Daigle at Amy.Daigle@lafayettesheriff.com .

Louisiana Automated Victims Notification System