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ALETA Academy


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office operates the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA). ALETA trains law enforcement candidates from throughout Louisiana to become P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement officers. Academies are 15 weeks long and include physical training & conditioning along with classroom instruction.

The Mission of the Academy is to prepare each cadet at the basic entry level to assume the duties as a Patrol Officer or Corrections Officer and provide the academic knowledge, skill sets, and physical abilities required to pass the Louisiana POST Council examination.

Academy Core Values
The Core Values of ALETA are three simple words with many meanings: Integrity, Commitment and Excellence. Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, ALETA and Law Enforcement as a whole values. They are the essence of our identity - our principles, beliefs or philosophy of our values.

Goals and Philosophy
The Academy philosophy emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge and the achievement of physical skills and conditioning necessary to perform tasks related to corrections or enforcement level policing.  Professionalism, character, discipline, intellectual and physical skills are the results the Academy staff strives to instill in its graduates.  Achieving these results allows us to accomplish our primary goal - providing Academy graduates with the necessary basic skills that will help them become professional law enforcement officers.
Objectives of the Academy
The basic objectives of the Academy are to teach cadets the following:

1. Self-discipline that assures respect for authority.

2. Law enforcement skills necessary to perform essential functions of the job.

3. A fitness program that enables the cadet to successfully complete standards established by the Academy.

4. Physical fitness techniques teaching the cadets how to maintain physical fitness, endurance, and weight distribution.

5. Instructing the cadet to properly wear and maintain uniforms and practice personal hygiene.

6. Esprit de Corps to develop a common spirit inspiring enthusiasm, willingness to work with, and for others, and to reach a common goal.

For additional information you may contact:
Kathryn D Rung, ALETA Administrative Assistant
Lt. James Wooters, Academy Training Coordinator



In order to register to attend the Academy, you must complete the Registration Form and fax it to 337-236-5647. The Doctor’s form can be submitted any time prior to attending the academy or the first day of the Academy.

ALETA 2022 Academy Schedule
Pre_Academy Physical Training Recommendations

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