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Training Courses

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Training facility offers courses for Sheriff's Office personnel as well as certain courses specifically designed for the general public. One of the courses offered to the public is the Street Wise Self-defense course.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Shooting Range is currently closed for repairs, we will notify the citizens of Lafayette Parish once repairs are completed.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Shooting Range is now available for public use during restricted hours. Contact our Training & Professional Development Division at 337-236-5607 or training@lafayettesheriff.com  for information about public hours and registration requirements.

Deputies are mandated to attend classes in Legal Update, Defensive Tactics, First Aid and CPR, Drug Identification, Conflict Resolution, Firearm Qualifications and many other courses designed to make them some of the best trained officers.
The training center is located at 1825 West Willow Street, Scott, La. 70583 (New LPSO Public Safety Complex) and is open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


Civilian Firearms Safety Class

The goal of the Civilian Firearms Safety Class is to teach interested persons in the community the basic safety and marksmanship rules of handguns.

It is recognized that in this day and age, many people own and handle firearms in an effort to protect themselves. This class is aimed at providing the public valuable information about how to handle a firearm safely, how to shoot accurately, when it is legal to use a firearm, and what to expect when a firearm is used to defend a life.

These classes are offered periodically and consist of two 4-hour classes on Wednesday and Thursday nights and a 4-hour class at the firing range on Saturday morning.

These classes are offered free of charge as a public service to the community.

Street Wise Self-Defense Class

The goal of the Street Wise Self-defense Class is to teach interested members of the community some guidelines for protecting themselves in a variety of situations. The Street Wise Self-defense Class will offer information on the following topics:

  • How to avoid becoming a victim
  • Understanding what criminals seek in a potential victim
  • Escape techniques
  • Identification of your personal weapons

Students may walk through the techniques or observe.

These classes are offered on an as needed bases in a group setting on a date, time, and at a location of your choice. Contact our Training & Professional Development Division at 337-236-5607 or training@lafayettesheriff.com for additional information.