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Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office's Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program focuses its efforts on elderly victims of crimes. Our main goal is providing services that meet the physical and/or emotional needs of elderly crime victims in order to return them to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible following an incident.

Eligibility for Services

To be considered eligible for assistance as an Elderly Crime Victim, victims must be 60 years of age or older and be a victim of one or more of the following crimes:

  • Assault
  • Survivors of Homicide Victims
  • Battered Spouses of Significant Others
  • Robbery/Theft
  • Arson
  • Rape
  • DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  • Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation
  • Frauds, Scams and Cons
  • Any crime involving the use of force or the threat of force which resulted in physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Other Violent Crimes

Crime Victim Reparations Program

Victims of violent crimes may be eligible to apply for financial compensation for medical, funeral and counseling expenses, as well as for lost wages and loss of support through the Crime Victims Reparations Program. For information about the Crime Victims Reparations Program, please contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office at (337) 236-5614 or the Crime Victims Reparations Board at (225) 925-4437 or 1-888-684-2846.

Services Provided

Services offered by the Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing personal advocacy on behalf of victims.
  • Making referrals to local agencies for medical, financial, and/or emotional assistance.
  • Providing information on various scams and frauds that specifically target the elderly.
  • Operating a computerized telephone program that will automatically call subscribers to verify their well being at a prearranged time.

How to Receive Services

Additional information about the Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program may be obtained by contacting the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office at:

316 W. Main Street
P.O. Drawer 3508
Lafayette, LA 70502
(337) 232-9211

Additional Service Agencies

Lafayette Council on Aging
(337) 262-5990

(referrals to service agencies)
(337) 232-4357

(a community action agency)
(337) 234-3272

LA Elderly Protection Service
(800) 738-3071