Facilities : Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

916 Lafayette Street

Lafayette, LA 70501


Major Catherine Fontenot-Warden

Captain Michael Comeaux-Jail Commander

The mission of the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center is to enhance its contribution to the protection of society by safely housing and reintegrating offenders as law abiding citizens through the use of institutional structure and appropriate programming.

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) is the only jail in Lafayette Parish, located in downtown Lafayette, LA.  Built in 1984, it was originally designed to house 336 offenders.  An annex facility was added in 1993.  Due to cell and bunk redesigns and in influx in our population due to Hurricane Katrina, in 2005 the fire marshal increased the bed capacity to 754 in the main 5 floors of the facility and 200 in the annex facility, for a total rated capacity of 954.  LPCC has in its facility a commercial kitchen which serves approximately 115,000 meals a month, a chapel where all faiths are welcomed and practiced, a law library, an education department, mental health professionals and program space, two recreational yards, a medical facility, visitation kiosks in the housing units to keep offenders connected, commissary, and a mail room.

 The LPCC receives all arrestees from the various law enforcement agencies in the parish.  The LPCC will book almost 13,000 offenders in a year and will release approximately 12,000 in a year.  The offender population within LPCC is composed of offenders awaiting release on bond, awaiting trial or court appearances, serving city or parish sentences, or serving hard labor sentences for the state of Louisiana-some of these offenders have sentences from other parishes but were transferred to Lafayette to participate in our various programs or work release opportunities. 


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